Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Girl’s Weekend

Daddy and Grammy went out to New York for our cousins Greg and Laura's wedding so mommy decided it was time for a girl’s weekend.    Mommy's two best friends from college flew out to be with us; Miss Abby came all the way from New  Jersey and Miss Kelly came from Washington. Bre, Melissa, Zim and Somer also came over to play, we had so much fun.  We pretty much stayed in our pj's all weekend but still managed to have a blast. We had cupcakes, IMG_0940dance parties, lots of bouncing; my favorite (it’s when you take my legs and bounce them up and down, I think it’s so much fun) we also had lots and lots of laughs and some tears too.  I also spent some time with Sherry and my Uncle Houston they bounced me too; my Grandpa Jim came over and we watched some basketball and then he rocked me to sleep. We had such a busy weekend with so many visitors, it’s a weekend I will remember forever.

IMG_0943 IMG_0966

IMG_0960 IMG_0945

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  1. What a sweet little angel she is! Am so happy that she not only has wonderful parents, but family and friends to love her to pieces!!! May God's blessings shine on you all! XXOO to little Reesa! Love, Liz (Chris' cousin)

  2. Reesa is such a sweet little babe. Spending the weekend in Arizona with her was life-changing. I left knowing that Reesa is so loved by the many friends and family that stop in to see her and give hugs (and leg bounces!). I think about you guys every day and always send my love and prayers your way. Jamie-you are an amazing mom. I'm so proud of you! X o

  3. Jamie- I admire your strength and grace.... I love reesa so much and I love it when I get hang out with you guys!...melissa

  4. It was so great to get the girls together! I will cherish that weekend forever...I loved every moment; the laughs, the tears and the hugs. We are here for you guys every step of the way. Love you, miss you and give Reesa big hugs and kisses for us. Love Kelly