Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summertime in Arizona!

It has been a couple months since our last update on Baby Reesa. For the most part, Reesa has been well and her condition has remained stable. Over the last year we’ve come to realize that the progression of Krabbe Disease is unpredictable. Although we’re always battling Reesa’s spasms and nerve pain, she’ll go weeks where her discomfort is present but manageable. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Reesa will have days of horrible pain, spasms, muscle twitches, fevers and high heart rates. Krabbe Disease is degrading the insulation around Reesa’s nerves and inhibits the signals between her brain and the rest of her nervous system. Reesa takes over a dozen medications per day for nerve pain, inflammation, spasticity, comfort, digestion, bone strength, etc. but there are times when all we can do is cuddle and love her until the pain goes away. She is such a strong little girl who inspires everyone that meets her.

Reesa turns TWO on July 30th. She is such a big girl, 25 lbs, chunky and cute as ever. Reesa is surrounded by LOVE every day of her life. Her parents, grandparents and great grandparents can’t get enough of her! A couple weeks ago Reesa had family come all the way from Chicago to meet her. She loved spending with Uncle Glen, Aunt Laurie and Cousin Amy and we know they loved spending time with her.

Reesa absolutely loves spending time swimming in the pool and it’s a good thing because there isn’t much else to do when it’s 110 degrees outside!

Here are some recent pictures of Reesa enjoying the summer.