Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Reesa had a wonderful Halloween this year! A couple of weeks ago we went to Old Macdonald’s Pumpkin Patch and Reesa had her face painted.

FamilyPumpkinPatch ReesaFacePaint

On Halloween night Reesa dressed up as a piggy.  She went trick-or-treating with her buddy Olivia who was a pink poodle.  They both had a blast!

ReesaPiggy            ReesaOlivia


  1. Happy Halloween. Reesa is just so adorable. Love the costume
    Love to you both and to Reesa,

    Phyllis Kownacki
    Lawrenceville, NJ

  2. Phyllis, we hope you're safe from Sandy in Lawrenceville. Thanks for your support!
    -Jamie & Sean

  3. I wish i knew you both and baby Reesa personally, you are such a loving family. Thank You so much for your concern about the hurricane. we were affected in such a small way compared to people who live about 40 to 50 miles from here. Love Reesa's costume.


  4. Happy Belated Halloween Reesa, daddy, and mommy! Reesa, love your costume!!! Hugs sweetie! Love ya!!!!